Founded in 1984, the Fund is a Baltimore-based non-profit organization that works to secure the financial, human, and knowledge resources necessary to support innovation that increases student achievement in City Schools. Wholly committed to improving educational opportunities for students in our city’s public schools, the Fund provides critical support toward achieving the district’s mission of accelerating student progress to ensure that students have the attitudes, skills, and proficiencies needed to succeed in college and in the 21st century global workforce.

The Fund focuses our efforts on improving City Schools at a systemic level to make it a place where all children can thrive and succeed academically. Throughout our country, cities on the cutting edge of reform – places like Washington, DC, Denver, Boston and New York – rely on their local education funds to serve as dynamic partners for developing and implementing their reform efforts. While each of these cities’ education funds has different primary support functions – including fundraising, program development and implementation, evaluation and dissemination, and advocacy – they all work to ensure district effectiveness and are trusted with a seat at the table when it comes to shaping district reform. The Fund plays this same role for Baltimore City, serving as an invaluable provider of flexible resources and trusted expertise that allows the district to move forward quickly with a reform agenda.

  • As Baltimore’s only local education fund we are finding new ways to raise public awareness and demand for changes in policy and practice that have the potential to produce significant across the board gains for our students.
  • With a strong understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the district and its leaders, the Fund is uniquely qualified to successfully identify, adapt and implement innovative reform strategies with a track record of success to meet the unique needs of City Schools students.
  • As a trusted, independent partner, the Fund attracts and manages private and public investments in a variety of efforts that are enhancing the quality of public education in Baltimore City.

The Fund depends on community support to advance our ongoing efforts to increase educational opportunities for all students in Baltimore City’s public schools. The Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible.